Birthdays & Parties

The Royal Performance Company's mission is to bring Florida Theme Park quality arts and entertainment to the Midwest. Our beautiful princesses, handsome princes, brave superheros, daring thieves and pirates, wicked villains, and charming fairy chorus will astonish you as they delight their young guests with their spectacular performances.


Your child will be immersed in this magical world as they participate in a royal court dance, make their very own magical mirror, sing along with our talented princesses, and become enthralled with beloved stories. 

We have three magical packages to choose from, ensuring that all children can participate in and enjoy the magic at a tiny fraction of the cost of a trip to Florida.

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General Policies

Upon booking an event, the client agrees to abide by the following policies.

Failure to comply with these policies may result in a $200 costume damage fee.

  • Animals and pets must be put away when character is present. The client is responsible for all animals and pets at all times.

  • The client is responsible for any food or drink spilled on the character. See costume damage fee.

  • Payment and liability/damage waiver are due at the beginning of event. The requested character will not perform until the remaining payment is turned in.

  • Please inform older children attending the event that it is much more fun to “keep the magic alive” by going along with the idea that the character is real, much like Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny.

  • Please inform all guests, especially young children that costumes/dresses/wings/wigs are fragile and must be treated with kindness. The client is responsible for all children present and their behavior.

  • Lewd or rude behavior, violence, or fighting by adults or adolescents will not be tolerated and will result in the character leaving with no refund.

Temperature & Weather

We welcome events both indoors and out, however, events must be moved inside under any of the following circumstances (this ensures the safety and well-being of our performers):

• Temperature is below 50 degrees

• Temperature is above 85 degrees
• It is currently raining or has rained in 

   the previous 24 hours
• Winds blowing faster than 20 MPH

Winter Weather

October through April:  in the event that the weather has made it too dangerous to drive to your event, The Royal Performance Company reserves the right to cancel the visit. In this circumstance, in the customer receiving all money paid, including their deposit, back.


We will also reschedule the event at the earliest available time, and the event will then be booked at a discount due to the inconvenience.

Other Notes

No special requirements are needed for parties as we bring our own supplies. For large events, please provide any necessary sound equipment if a sing along is requested.

The Fairytale Ball is most appropriate for children ages 3-10.  Children under age 3 are welcome to attend, but must purchase a ticket.  Each and every guest must have a ticket to gain entrance to the ball. Only guests UNDER 12 months will be allowed in for free when attending with a paid adult/child pair.


We are pleased to provide princess and hero party guest entertainment for your children! Please be aware that it is not our intention to violate any copyright laws, so we attempt to make our characters different from well known, copyrighted characters by using handmade gowns, hairstyles, tiaras, and character names of our own creation. Our characters are generic and we can only supply characters to audiences and booking clients who are fully aware that we will not present any licensed character.