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NorthStar FUNdamentals: 5:00pm - 6:00pm
$10 for each class, or $75 all 8!
Mon, 1/7: Audition FUNdamentals 1
Wed, 1/9: Makeup FUNdamentals 1
Thurs, 1/10: Stage Craft FUNdamentals 1
Fri, 1/11: Dance FUNdamentals 1
Mon, 1/14:  Audition FUNdamentals 2
Wed, 1/16: Makeup FUNdamentals 2
Thurs, 1/17: Stage Craft FUNdamentals 2
Fri, 1/18: Dance FUNdamentals 2
FUNdamentals Classes are designed for young performers and budding artists and emphasize basic theatrical skills in a fun-filled learning environment.
Audition FUNdamentals 1 + 2 - Have you ever wanted to audition for a show but didn't know what to expect? or how to prepare? Have you ever wondered why some kids are cast in leading roles while others are cast in small roles? Join us for the FUN and informative class and learn all the secrets!
Stage Craft FUNdamentals 1 + 2 - Have you ever looked at costumes or props and thought "Where did they get that?" or "How did they make all that?" Well this is your chance to learn to create crafts that will be used ONSTAGE in Cinderella and YOUR NAME will be listed in the program as the CREATOR!
Makeup FUNdamentals 1 + 2 - How do we turn our actors into mice, cats, or Princesses? Makeup FUNdamentals will show you the magic!
Dance FUNdamentals 1 + 2 - How is theatre dance different from ballet, ballroom, or danceline? This class will teach you what makes theatre dance unique and FUN!
FUNdamentals Classes
NorthStar Arts Conservatory Classes: 8:15pm - 9:15pm
$10 for each class, or $75 for all 8!
Mon, 1/7: Stellar Audition Skills 1
Wed, 1/9: Theatrical FACEOFF 1
Thur, 1/10: StarDROPS Scenic Painting 1
Fri, 1/11: Dancing for the STARS 1
Mon, 1/14: Stellar Audition Skills 2
Wed, 1/16: Theatrical FACEOFF 2
Thurs, 1/17: StarDROPS Scenic Painting 2
Fri, 1/18: Dancing for the STARS 2
STELLAR Auditions 1 + 2 - How to prepare for the role(s) you want. Class 1, preparing monologues and songs. Class 2, preparing headshots and resumes.
Stage Makeup FACEOFF 1 + 2 - Advanced makeup techniques and prosthetics. Zombies to Princesses, we'll teach you how to create special effects makeup. Class 1, Pirates and Princesses. Class 2, Zombies.
StarDROPS Scenic Painting 1 + 2 - Learn to create SUPERSIZED images for Backdrops, murals, etc and consider how they will look under theatrical lighting.
Dancing for the STARS 1 + 2 - Theatrical dance requires Rockettes style precision. Learn techniques that will make you look like a professional dancer.
Conservatory Classes