“Rumors,” is a madcap, slamming door farce set in a large home located just outside of New York in the year 1988. The characters are arriving as guests at a 10th Anniversary Dinner. The first couple to arrive discovers that one of their hosts (Charley) has apparently attempted suicide...unsuccessfully. Charley’s wife, Myra, is nowhere to be found and neither are the servants. Through the course of the show, the audience never meets Charley or Myra. As more guests arrive, there are cover-ups, deceptions, mistaken identities, and a lot of huge laughs.

** Please note that this show uses strong language and may not be suitable for younger audiences **

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Show Dates:

  Friday, February 21  7:00 pm

  Saturday, February 22  7:00 pm

  Sunday, February 23  2:00 pm

  Friday, February 28  7:00 pm

  Saturday, February 29  7:00 pm

  Sunday, March 1  2:00 pm

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